ARE 112 2nd try

ARE 112 2nd try - ARE 112 Eric Woo Rachel Lui Justin...

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ARE 112 Eric Woo Rachel Lui Justin Vandeberg Zach Prieston Linh Dang Dennis Chuong Tracy Hsieh Randy from nova Get transcripts for the videos 1. for text book comparisons 2. get the 8 th edition text book only. 3. Video a. 1990 b. Japan is using a double standard i. Flooding US markets while making sale of US products in Japan impossible ii. Japanese have taken the trouble to learn the US knowledge and customs while we have not. iii. Japanese Sony CEO called US companies “cry babies” 1. sales of Sony is 16 B 2. Mr. Morita CEO started Sony. Bought the rights to manufacture transistors to make radios a. Radio was supposed to fit in your shirt pocket so they made shirts with bigger pockets for the sales people. 3. Morita “creates products we don’t know we want” a. Tv. b. Walkman c. Cd 4. Zaibatzu is the old line Japanese business elite. Morita is NOT part of it. a. He is more of an entrepreneur b. He tried to sell a book that critiqued the US to get into the Zaibatzu. He expected it to stay in Japan, but it made its way to the US> 5. Morita: what was key to his success? a. He seeked the unknown and was adventurous. 6. Morita: what was his criticism of how the US companies worked? a. Our companies spend too much time playing games. i. The basic difference in attitude is that US companies are based on the top management while Japanese companies are based on group work that happens to include top management. ii. Top management puts blame on the former leadership. His concern is only in personal profit and in short term profit for the company to make the quarterly goals. US management treats the company like a commodity and will sell it if it suits him. iii. Morita: this is a human rights violation.
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1. if the economy is bad, management will fire people to lower expenses in order to maintain profit. We treat our workers as commodities. 2. this is contradictory to our claims of respecting human rights. b. Japanese companies are committed to the company. iv. Who invented the transistor? 1. Bell labs in the US. They couldn’t find a US company that wanted to use it. The first foreign company to buy it was Sony and they sure made use of it. 2. “Japan that can’t say No” is a book that is critical of the relationship between JAP and the US. a. CIA/MI6 translated it and made a few mistakes in the translations. Morita paid to have it published in English because the mistranslated version made it sound really bad. (they’re vastly different) 3. KEY: know Morita’s attitude towards companies in the US. c. Jack Welch former CEO of GE i. Hallmark skill: he was able to ID and develop successful leaders ii. “winning the management guide for businesses big and small. “ 1. get people who are: a. Energetic- energize others. b.
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ARE 112 2nd try - ARE 112 Eric Woo Rachel Lui Justin...

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