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Career day for man econ

Career day for man econ - Career day for man econ:Saturday...

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Career day for man econ :Saturday 4/5/08. 9am – 2 pm. Email barbara Sullivan at [email protected] 10 bucks for breakfast and lunch. Ask if there is still space ARE 144 1. public policy and planning a. think about RE in a different way? i. Why are there 4 gas stations in 1 intersection ii. Why are gas stations by the freeway iii. Billboard placement iv. Fast food placement. b. Land is value for different reasons i. By the freeway: not valuable for residential, but valuable for gas stations. And visa versa. 2. career futures a. sales agents b. lease brokers c. title/escrow agents d. loan brokers e. investment managers, re investment trust managers 3. residence a. largest expenditure is RE in life. 4. investment decisions a. focus of class 5. Real estate a. Def: land and that attached to the land b. Content below and above the land i. Up to a point, can’t open a toll booth for airplanes. c. Distinction between: RE (property) and real property (the level of ownership) 6. what makes RE unique a. geographical immobility b. unlike securities, option and trust deeds, it can’t be moved. It doesn’t matter where you buy shares, but it does for RE c. RE is regional in scope i. Excess RE in one area doesn’t affect RE in other states. ii. Unless it’s a vacation destination where buyers from around the world compete. d. RE prices are determined by regional supply and demand, unlike stock prices that are formed by the market globally. 7. demand for RE by families a. not only determined regionally (location from work) b. has additional sub markets i. school districts
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ii. even w/in davis, the neighborhood still is a factor. 2 houses exactly
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