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UNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIA FIRST SEMESTER SESSION 2016/2017 SADE1013 – INTRODUCTION TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP SUBJECT CODE: SADE1013 SUBJECT NAME: INTRODUCTION TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP PRE-REQUISITE: - 1.0 SYNOPSIS This course emphasizes nurturing an entrepreneurial culture among students in order to they can appreciate the entrepreneurial values in our daily lives. Students will be exposed to the basics of entrepreneurship in terms of history, concepts and theories, and development of individual entrepreneurs in terms of skills and behaviors to become a successful entrepreneur. The students are exposed to the development of creative and innovative skills that allow them to identify business opportunities and non-business. This course will also expose students to several methods of starting a business that can be exploited by traders of small and medium enterprises. 2.0 OBJECTIVE Students are expected to 1) Understand the history, concepts and theories of entrepreneurship. 2) Establish an entrepreneurial culture in any profession. 3) Describe the concept of creativity and innovation, risk taking, the basics of business management. 4) Identify entrepreneurial opportunities and approaches to initiate and develop business. 3.0 LEARNING OUTCOME At the end of this course, students able to 1) Identify and understand the importance of entrepreneurship. (C1, A1, P1) 2) Identify and describe creativity and innovation, risk taking, and basic business management. (C1, C2, A1, P1) 3) Identify the business environment, opportunities and business start-ups. (C2, A2, P2) 4) Understand how to prepare a business plan. (C2, A3, P2)
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4.0 REFERENCE Main References: Sodri Ariffin, Ismail Ab. Wahab & Zarida Hambali. (2013). Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship,
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