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As the trial approaches, a number of events occur to change the pace of the plot. For instance, there’s the death of Mrs. Moore: a woman who reaches her demise after the exponential decay of her sense and sanity. Yet, the trial proves to be the final battle between the British and the Indians, as Adela faintly admits to her lack of knowledge regarding Aziz’s guilt. When the judge drops the charges, every Indian in Chandrapore celebrates this enormous “victory”. At this point, Fielding takes in Adela to protect her from the possible threats of life after the trial, especially after the riotous celebration throughout Chandrapore. As rumors of the two possibly having an affair begin to spread, its steady supply of poison to Aziz’s ears is enough lead him to his new solidified hatred for Britain. “It led him towards the vague and bulky figure of a mother-land. He was without natural affection
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Unformatted text preview: for the land of his birth, but the Marabar Hills drove him to it. Half closing his eyes, he attempted to love India." (298) As he begins to write poetry, expressing his undying love for the motherland, one gets the sense from the narration that his adoration is somewhat lacking. Forster continues to push his theme of the perpetual conflict between the British and the Indians. There is no rest, until the end of the story, when by divine intervention does Aziz decide to forgive Fielding and let go of his hatred. As the two forgive each other for their past transgressions, Forster seems to come around to his final note of the possibility of harmony between two opposing forces. Even the earth seems to halt their good-bye as they turn away from one another, aware that neither of them will ever cross paths again....
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