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EE 357 Homework 2 Fall ’08 ● Dubois Name: ___________________________________________ Due: Fri. Sep. 12 th by 5PM on blackboard Score: ________ Note: Attach all work to receive full credit Instruction Set Design 1. (10) You are the chief architect of an embedded processor startup company and your first contract is to design a processor that goes into a student edition basic microwave oven. The only functionality provided in the oven is that the customer is allowed to set the amount of time to microwave the food in increments of 1 second up to a maximum of 8 minutes. No other operation is supported in this microwave. For this simple microwave design assume your processor has just one register which is used to store the cooking time. Given this assumption what is the minimum size of the register (number of bits)? Second, what instruction(s) do you need to support at the minimum? ANSWER: (i) The register need to support a count down of 480 seconds. 8*60 = 480. Hence, the register should be at least 9 bits wide to store a value up to 512. (ii) The minimum instruction set needed is: (1) SUB R1, #-1 (2) BZ R1; The first instruction subtracts one from a register R1, the second instruction checks if R1 reached a value of zero. Note to the grader: Please give full credit irrespective of how the student specifies the instruction format since format is irrelevant. What is important is that the student know that they need to support a subtract from register and branch on zero. 2. (20) Building on the above problem, impressed by your design the microwave manufacturer gives you another contract for designing a processor for the second generation microwave. The second generation microwave supports additional functionality of delayed start time. Using this functionality the customer is allowed to delay the cooking start time up to eight hours in increments of one minute. For this
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ee357_hw2_sol - EE 357 Homework 2 Fall 08 Dubois Name: _...

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