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Mid-Term Study Guide Final

Mid-Term Study Guide Final - Knemon Knemon is the central...

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Knemon Knemon is the central character, the misanthrope, in Menander’s Bad Tempered Old Man o Basic peasant o Pg.5 “it’s work, work, work for him;” what characterizes a peasant’s life is toil o He doesn’t like people, and only talks to his daughter, works far off on the rocky road o The chora where this play takes place, is 14 miles from Athens Peasant Peasants/agricultural laborers in the chora o tenant peasants legally free people that are too poor to own their own land to work they hire themselves to an aristocr at and, in exchange for a place to keep their family, give the lion’s share of their produce to their master/live off the rest example: lamon/gorgias own their own land. Sometimes wealthy enough to own their own land o slave peasant owned by aristocrat example: lamon/wife/daphnis are property of dynosophantes Chora Chora : Agriculturally productive land, houses 80-85% of population the peasants, 6-10 mile radius usually, extended outside of the city Kyrios Kyrios : the one with the responsibility to find a girl a wife o Aristocratic head of household Pan Pan o Responsible for the skills it takes to be a herder, such as playing the pan pipes, used to control flocks o An important deity of the chora o Also a war deity, as we see in Longus; when two forces come together, one side loses its nerve and turns tail and runs o Depicted as a half-human (top), half-animal deity (bottom) Mageiros Mageiros : a slave role, a very skilled role, the mageiros knows how to sacrifice an animal properly, and knows how to cook the meat o Because meat is only ate seldomly, a mageiros is not needed most of the month, and is rented out to other families that need a mageiros Exposure Exposure o The midwife would usually take the baby and present it to the father, who had 10 days wether to accept it as his own o If the baby happened to be normal, typically he would accept it, though he had 10 days to decide wether or not he wanted to expose it o To have a baby survive exposure is highly unusual, so the reader is to suppose that somebody is looking out for daphnis and chloe Lamon o Lamon , a herder, notices that one of his goats leaves to nurse a baby (Daphnis) who has been exposed with valuable tokens Syntrophos
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Syntrophos : a slave who has been nourished with someone/raised with an aristocrat o Father will purchase a slave of same gender as a recent child to nourish with the aristocrat. Shares in the aristocratic life of his master/forms a bond/trust with aristocrat o Becomes the slave manager of the child’s household when the child takes over father’s estate Aristocratic Household Peasants and The Aristocratic Household o The two groups (peasants and aristocrats) live separately, but are connected o Central social institution of the world of the new testament o Two parts: Urban part Immediate family , hangers-on /parasites/relatives, urban slaves/staff all part of household Household generally has an occupancy of 100 people Syntrophos : Rural part
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