REL 121 Midterm Essays (Hetairai, Cynic philosophy)

REL 121 Midterm Essays (Hetairai, Cynic philosophy) -...

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Hetaira social marginals, young women, FREE (not slaves) Their clientel = aristocratic young men, sometimes older aristocrats, wealthier farmers or merchants flushed with money Examples Musarium, Myrtale, Bacchis, Metri che Crobyles husband dies, urban craftsmen (social marginalist) Wife and daughter fall into desperate situation Sells tools and weaving to make do Not always a situation of desperation but an Economic situation First is C orrina, more established is Lyra Conversation 7 Musarium and her Mother Musarium- NAÏVE HETAIRA , doesn’t bring in money, she is giving away stuff to her lover and he is not paying her o she hopes that he (Cheareas) will marry her once his father dies and he has money to marry her o mother doubts seriously that he will ever go through with his promise o she says “Musarium will you always be 18 years old?” Conversation 14 Dorion and Myrtale at this point relationship is ending, can abuse eachother Dorion is being locked out, brings cheap kinds of gifts Myrtale (PRA C TI C AL, PRAGMATI C , HARD-NOSED HETAIRA) doesn’t want him anymore, now has found a sea captain instead of a simple sailor o Captain provides more, he’s 50 plus Letter of Alc iphron Menecleides hetaira has died mid to late teens Bacchis is IDEAL HETAIRA Breaks stereotype, hetaira are evil, unfaithful, look out for themselves only Bacchis rejects wealthier men, prefers Menecleides Bacchis so virtuous o Aristocratic man would’ve married her Mime 1: The Procuress Convo between hetaira named Metriche and Gyllis Metriche= OVERLY FAITHFUL , her lover is Mandris o He left her 10 months ago and hasn’t heard a word from him, he’s gone to Egypt (Alexander) Gyllis is an older women (procuress) o Retired, too old to attract women o Go between other hetairai and aristocratic young men o Tries to persuade Metriche to look for someone else o Has a guy for her, Gryllos
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Metriche says NO Most famous Heterai of ancient world- PHRYNE Stunningly beautiful Had 3 lovers o Praxiteles= best sculptor Used model of Aphrodite as Phryne set up in cnidos Tourist attraction, everyone made sure they stopped to see this statue as Aphrodite o Apelles Sees Phryne on the shore, thinks of her as a revelation of the goddess, paints picture of her as Aphrodite coming out of the sea, becomes famous o Hyperides Makes defense speech on behalf of his lover Phryne None of judges are convinced OTHER GROUP prostitutes= slaves o Owned by a master o Placed in a brothel o Service much lower class people
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REL 121 Midterm Essays (Hetairai, Cynic philosophy) -...

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