REL 121 Mid term review session

REL 121 Mid term review session - Ephebic training Primary...

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REL 121g: The World of the New Testament Section Instructor: Mills Question Set V.  Mid-Term Review Session   Essay Topics : Prepare a standard essay for each of the topics listed below.  Each essay  should have a thesis or central argument along with examples from the assigned readings.  Feel free to raise questions in your conclusion. Good luck!  1)  Chora   4) Symposia  5)  Hetairai   6) Free Choice  Terms:  Provide a concise and succinct definition of each term below. Cite examples from  the literature when relevant.  Use 2-3 sentences.   Group I. Literary ethnography Mageiros Independent peasant  Dorkon Chora   Lycainion Kyrios Syntrophos Gorgias  Aristocratic household Group II. Eros  Paidagogos Kottalos
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Unformatted text preview: Ephebic training Primary curriculum Choice of Herakles Letters, syllables, words Wrestling Agamemnon vs. Achilles The stadion at Olympia Group III. Progymnasmata Pre-Socratic philosophy Types of fable Socratic shift Polemo Ta ethika Pheidias’ Zeus Cardinal virtues Correlation of kinds of speech with the soul Group IV. Aristippus and hedonism All of life as a celebratory celebration Crates and Zeno The minimum is the optimum Providence Anaideia Herakles and Peristaseis Diogenes and his cup Group V. Eucrates Theatre Micyllus Purpose of Dionysius’ speech Hermes Andron Stigmata and Rhadamanthus Seating order at symposium The bed and lamp Alcidamas Quoting Homer...
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REL 121 Mid term review session - Ephebic training Primary...

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