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Jonathan Yuen ARLT 101g: The Fiction February 20, 2009 ARLT 101: First Mini-Project A Historical/Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt 1. The time I had gone to Doheny the John Wayne Exhibit was closed, only the Don Quixote Exhibit was open. When you first enter the room there is a cartoon poster with Don Quixote fighting a windmill, then there are posters showing different episodes of the story. In the room also are old books in glass cases (I assume of the Don Quixote story.) 2. The names of the men whose statues are on top of Bovard are: John Wesley, Matthew Simpson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Marcus Tullius Cicero, Plato, Phillips Brooks, Borden P. Bowne 3. The names, ethnicities and religious affiliations of the 3 founders of USC are: 1. Orozo W. Childs – Methodist 2. John G. Downey – Irish Catholic 3. Isaias W. Hellman – Jewish 4. The name of a course in the Spring 2009 USC Schedule of Classes that contains Los Angeles would be: AMST101gm: Race and Class in Los Angeles 5. Five religious institutions within 1 mile radius of USC are:
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1. Hilliel Jewish Center 2. USC Catholic Center 3. Inglesia Bautista 4. First Baptist Church 5. Mosque 6. The name of the scandal that Edward Doheny was involved in was the Teapot Dome Scandal. The Teapot Dome Scandal was a bribery scandal that involved the White House administration and the president at the time President Harding. 7. The primary business activity of Mark Taper was a financier, real estate developer, and philanthropist. 8. The title of the book by Upton Sinclair that is based in California is Oil!. 9. The name of the museums in Exposition Park are: 1. Natural History Museum of LA County 2. California Science Museum 3. California African-American Museum An exhibit that does not involve science or nature is Black Chrome. It is located at the
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ARLT 101G SCAVENGER HUNT - Jonathan Yuen ARLT 101g The...

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