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ARLT 101 FIRST PAPER TOPIC Anna Deavere Smith's Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 is the model for this first paper. Write a paper that is a combination of an essay and a set of interviews that will involve you in an exploration of the character of Los Angeles as seen through the eyes of a range of people. At the heart of the paper should be a collection of five interviews with people about their opinions, impressions, experiences, and reflections about this city. One of the interviewees must be a classmate in your discussion section in ARLT 101 (preferably a student you didn’t know before the class began). The other interviews should be drawn from a diverse range of people (with diversity understood to include age, ethnicity, class, gender, and occupation). The essay should begin with a 1-2 page Preface in which you set forth your own impressions of Los Angeles and your own initial thoughts about the topic for your interviews. This Preface should also include a brief commentary on at least two readings for the class. The Preface should thus measure your own thoughts about Los Angeles in comparison and contrast to other perspectives drawn from the assignments for the course. . Invoke other voices from the readings to help frame and set forth your own reflections about this city. The paper should conclude with a minimum 1-page Afterword in which you carefully compare and contrast the responses you received. Offer critical analysis about how and why people responded to the same questions differently or suggest reasons for similar responses. Examine the evidence and suggest how such factors as class status and profession or ethnicity or the location of their residence in LA may affect how they view the city. You should also describe in this conclusion your response to doing the paper or explain what you learned or saw differently from conducting the interviews. You have a choice of 4 topics for the interviews. The questions for the interviews in each of the 4 topics are more guidelines than requirements. It is not necessary to confine oneself to the set of questions for any one of the topics. You can draw upon some questions in the other topics or create your own special question. The interviews should be presented in the same format that
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09.Sp.ARLT101.FirstPaperTopic.InterviewProject - ARLT 101...

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