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interview for class - Drive from neighborhood to...

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Lauryn Pollard Classmate African American Wearing ugg boots with leggings and oversize sweatshirt. Sipping on a sugar free redbull, and constantly checking her phone Living in Las Vegas, well I always had an idealized view of Los Angeles They call it the city of angels and that’s what it always has been for me Like a city of dreams, I guess I mean I guess, you could say to me It is a city of dreams My first experience with Los Angeles was driving to Disneyland When we drove to LA we stopped some places Like randy's doughnuts The Hollywood sign All things that at age 6, you saw as perfect When it came time to look for colleges, I was convinced Los Angeles or bust USC or LMU that was what I wanted And honestly I wouldn’t have been happy without one or the other Now as an adult Living in Los Angeles is much different I mean I see it differently than how I saw as a young child One word for Los Angeles Diverse LA is the only place I like to get in my car and drive
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Unformatted text preview: Drive from neighborhood to neighborhood I always see something else From little Tokyo, to the Westside To Hollywood, to Inglewood I feel like I get to see so many different areas Yes there is still the glitz I always knew But now I feel like I see the actual Los Angeles The different neighborhoods The urban areas The schools I mentor in LA is not always about the glitz It’s about the people In some sense I do still have my own idealized view I mean honestly my favorite book about LA Well its Valley of the dolls I guess I just like the aspect of tragedy It starts out perfect, but well it doesn’t end that way It’s a classic and I just love it I don’t think there is one street that defines Los Angeles If someone wants to see LA Well they need the time to explore and see everything I said LA was diverse You can’t experience that diversity on one street...
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interview for class - Drive from neighborhood to...

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