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Caporello 1 Hannah Caporello World Cultures: Caribbean October 1, 2007 1. Who originally came up with the definition of what a natural slave is, and how did he define it? Aristotle theorized that a natural slave is defined by the slave’s own psychology, as a man who fails to possess “true reason” (Pagden 42-43) and thus cannot master his own passions (Aching 9/19/07). The natural slave has the ability to understand and to follow directions, but is “incapable of practical wisdom” and therefore cannot issue commands himself, rendering him unable to produce a “deliberate choice… or moral action” (Pagden 43). Being without absolute control over reason or passion, the natural slave is only half a man (Aching 9/19/07); he cannot take part in “civil community” nor experience a kind of after-life of happiness known to Aristotle as the “final good or end… of all true men” (Pagden 43). The only hope the natural slave has of attaining qualities like these is to share his life with these “true men” and imitate them (Pagden 43). This concept is significant, as it leads to the conclusion that the relationship between slave and master is mutually beneficial and, furthermore, that the master is actually saving the natural slave from himself – from the harm of “continu[ing] in the ignorance
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HW questions (pagden) - Caporello 1 Hannah Caporello World...

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