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EE 438-oxidation-Sp09

EE 438-oxidation-Sp09 - 2(Total of 2000 2800 A = 4800 A d...

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EE 438 HW # 1: Spring 2009 Oxidation a) Find the time required to grow 2800 A of SiO 2 layer on a Si(100) wafer at 1060 C using dry oxidation. b) Repeat the above calculations for wet oxidation. c) Repeat part (a) but with a 2000 A of preexisting SiO
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Unformatted text preview: 2 (Total of 2000 + 2800 A = 4800 A) d) How far below the original surface (bare silicon, before any oxidation) will the final interface of Si / SiO 2 will be located?...
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