311C F08 Exam 3 Review Checklist

311C F08 Exam 3 Review Checklist -...

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Bio311C Exam 3: Review Checklist Wednesday, November 19 Chapter 9 pages 162-182 (7 th edition pages 160-178) Catabolic pathways Redox reactions: Reduction, Oxidation, Reducing agent, Oxidizing agent Aerobic energy harvesting C6H12O6 + 6 O2 6 CO2 + 6 H2O + Energy Stepwise energy harvesting: NAD+ NADH + H+ Electron transport chain Glycolysis: Location Goal Inputs Outputs Energy investment phase Energy payoff phase Substrate-level phosphorylation Fate of products (outputs) Pyruvate oxidation: Location Goal Inputs Outputs Fate of products (outputs) Citric acid cycle (Krebs cycle): Location Goal Inputs Outputs Substrate-level phosphorylation FAD FADH2 Fate of products (outputs) Oxidative Phosphorylation: Location Goal Inputs Outputs Electron transport chain Chemiosmosis Proton (H + ) gradient ATP synthase Net ATP Yield of Cellular Respiration: contributions from each stage; variability, efficiency Anaerobic energy harvesting Fermentation Goals? Glycolysis Regeneration of NAD+ (why?) Alcohol fermentation Lactic acid fermentation Aerobic v. anaerobic: efficiency, regeneration of NAD+, final electron acceptor Pyruvate as a fork in the road (facultative anaerobes) Metabolic intersections Catabolic intersections Anabolic intersections Feedback regulation of cellular respiration: Phosphofructokinase Positive and negative allosteric regulation
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Chapter 10 pages 185-199 (7 th edition pages 181-195)
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311C F08 Exam 3 Review Checklist -...

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