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Homework 2_partthree - 'B\n elseif(d<= m S fprintf'B\n...

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% Part 3 Script File [A,B] = xlsread( 'D:\RoLLiN\My Documents\EBS 130\grade_data.xls' ) input ( 'There are a 120 EBS-130 Students' ) %calculating mean c = sum(A(:,2)); m = c/120 % mean %calculating standard deviation S = std (A(:,2)); if (d > m +S) fprintf( 'A\n' ) elseif (d > m) fprintf(
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Unformatted text preview: 'B\n' ) elseif (d <= m + S) fprintf( 'B\n' ) elseif (d > m - S) fprintf( 'C\n' ) elseif (d <= m) fprintf( 'C\n' ) elseif (d > m-2*S) fprintf( 'D\n' ) elseif (d <= m - S) fprintf( 'D\n' ) elseif (d <= m-2*S) fprintf( 'F\n' ) end print hw2_part3.m...
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