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Classics 10 Quiz Review Oedipus -Agenor Cadmus Labdacus Laius Oedipus Jocasta -Oedipus + Jocasta children: boys: Eteocles, Polynices; girls; Antigone, Ismene -Oedipus’s parents: Polybus + Merope -Mt. Cithaeron is the Theben background and Oedipus’s birthplace -Corinth: grew up -The prophet (Teiresias) archtype -old and wise -Zeus Apollo Teiresias -blind = wise -non-political figure -long term/eternal focus -objective advice -Delphi: oracle, temple of Apollo (Phoebus, Pythian, Healer, Delian) -Free will vs. determinism -some control, some fate double causation -by trying to avoid fate, he makes it happen fate is inevitable -hubris: pride; nemesis: retribution punishment of pride
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