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Notes on “Racial Theories” Chapters 5&6 -Race as a class status can be summarized in two groups, weak sense of class and strong sense of class - weak sense of class - Dollards three types of gain of middle class whites from social position at the expense of blacks - economic -whites gained more for the same amount of work as blacks monetarily. Middle class whites more than lower class whites. Whites used political power to gain more -sexual -white men could choose between white women and black women, black men could not. White women and black men lost because they did not have those options. White men held white women on a higher pedestal and treated sexual relations more delicately than with black women so black women made better lovers and white women were envious. A black man could seek after a white woman but he had competition for black women with the white men. -prestige or deference -blacks (especially southern) would submit to whites to show that they were not hostile and to calm anxieties in the whites. If blacks did not show
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