Notes on Racial Theories Chapter 3

Notes on Racial Theories Chapter 3 - Notes on Racial...

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Notes on Racial Theories Chapter 3 American School -in sociology evidence of human diversity contributed to the concept of an ideal type -writers who were impressed by the difference between blacks and whites but were reluctant to call them separate species sometimes called them races and implied a species difference -Curvier is heavily responsible for the confusion about the meaning of the word race. -first for blurring the distinction between the earlier sence of race and the concept of variety. -second, because his use of a concept of type made it easier for his successors to discuss the natural differences ihout facing up to questions about whether these were differences a the level of genus, species or variety. -the new world brought about more speculation about the cause of variation between blacks whites and native Americans because of everyday relations between the three -when cholera came to North America it affected blacks more than whites whereas in seventeenth and eighteenth centuries half of the English who went to west Africa died in the first year -on the slaveships more of the English sailors died than the slaves -in west Africa 19 th century, white troops died at around 50% per year while black troops died at 3% because of inherited immunity -european armies could not fight in the carribean because while both blacks and whites got yellow fever the blacks inherited immunity mean that they could recover while the whites could not. -in Memphis 1878 78% of blacks were infected and 9% died whereas 70% of the infected whites died. - in west Africa genes which conferred immunity to the fevers has been favored by natural selection. -the diet and deficiencies of vitamin D lack or protein calcium and iron did
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Notes on Racial Theories Chapter 3 - Notes on Racial...

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