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Rachel Fine annotation 4 - Annotation#4 There are six major...

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Annotation #4 There are six major factors that outline the argument of capitol punishment. For each factor, there are strong points for those both for and against capitol punishment in America. These six factors are cost, deterrent, innocence, retribution, incapacitation and bias. As times change, new information brings certain arguments to the foreground and some arguments are forgotten all together. The argument of cost is an issue that affects almost every American. Our tax money is what builds most prisons and funds them, including death row. Some say that it costs more money to keep prisoners alive than it would to give them the death penalty. The other side says that it costs more to keep an inmate alive on death row than it does to just keep them in the regular prison system. Another argument is that capitol punishment is a deterrent. It causes would-be criminals to think twice about their actions knowing that it could possibly lead them to receiving the death penalty. The opposition says that criminals who would commit such crimes would not be affected by that possible consequence. Similar to deterrence is another key factor, incapacitation. If a criminal is put to
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Rachel Fine annotation 4 - Annotation#4 There are six major...

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