death and dying nuland terms

death and dying nuland terms - - brain tissue dies. Like a...

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Reading Selections for Week Three #1: For Monday – Nuland: introduction and chapters 1-4 #2 For Wednesday – Nuland chapters 6 and 10 #1 Define “ischemic heart attack.” - coronary artery is blocked so part of the heart tissue is not getting oxygenated blood Define “ventricular fibrillation.” - non functional heart contractions. (ineffective heart contractions) Define “chronic congestive heart failure.” - when the heart is not pumping out enough blood so blood backs up behind the heart Describe what happens to the brain during a stroke.
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Unformatted text preview: - brain tissue dies. Like a heart attack but like a brain attack Name and describe the seven ailments that most commonly kill the elderly.-heart attack, stroke, cancer, #2 Describe the trimodal sequence of traumatic death. What causes cancer and how does the disease progress?- a cell mutates and then multiplies and can invade tissues Describe metastasis.- when a cancer cell gets away from the primary tumor and implants someplace else and starts growing there How does cancer cause death?- by disrupting normal function...
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