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Rachel Fine Annotation 2 how we die

Rachel Fine Annotation 2 how we die - causes of death in...

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Annotation #2 Death and Dying 2/8/09 Dr. Sherwin Nuland’s overriding theme in How We Die seems to be that death cannot be avoided. Diseases can be treated, but it goes against the natural order of life. The theory of apoptosis supports this concept. Studies have shown that cells are programmed to regenerate for a limited time only, after which time, the cells degenerate and then die. This is an over simplification of the concept of old age. The advent of modern science has made people think that old age is a treatable disease, when in fact it is not. The elderly are commonly afflicted with one or more of the seven most prevalent
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Unformatted text preview: causes of death in the United States; they are, diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, stroke, obesity, dementia, and cancer. While each of these ailments can be treated to a greater or lesser extent, death from some ailment or catastrophic event is inevitable. Good nutrition, medications, appropriate exercise and genetics can all prolong life, but only to a certain degree. Geriatricians often focus on quality of life rather than procedures to prolong it. The general idea is to enjoy what is left of life, instead of dragging it out with painful procedures and uncomfortable final years....
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