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Morrie/Pausch comparisons -academic differences -pausch – science/virtual reality -morrie – sociology -both college professors -age difference -pausch – still young, missing a lot of his life, kids growing up -morrie – lived a full happy fulfilling life -relationships with students -pausch- mentor -morrie – friend -both ok with death/not bitter -both successful in field -diseases influence outlook -pausch -dying faster, appears healthier -morrie -dying slowly, appears terminally ill paush – dream, drive –brick wall
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Unformatted text preview: -have to want it-western outlook morrie- eastern outlook morrie spends his time studying things as they are pausch spends time making and studying new realities morrie studies what is pausch creates what isnt religion-pausch protestant -universal principals, all faiths/pluralism-morrie jewish-Buddhist outlook-interdependence both make people see things differently-through discussion-through visual experiences both reaching out to people...
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