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Morrie questions S09 - What does Morrie think is wrong with American culture How is Mitch’s life an illustration of Morrie’s point What does

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Background Questions 1. Describe Mitch and Morrie’s relationship during the 1970’s. From where did they know each other? 2. What did Mitch do after he graduated from college? What did he wish he’d have done? How do Mitch’s “unfulfilled wishes” figure into his Morrie story? 3. What disease does Morrie have? Describe the progression of the disease and its symptoms. 4. How did Mitch hear about Morrie’s terminal illness? 5. What topics with Morrie ended up on Mitch’s list? 6. Describe some of Morrie’s exploits at Brandeis. What made him a great teacher? 7. Describe Morrie’s childhood. 8. Describe the situation Mitch had with his brother. 9. How might you classify Morrie’s religious outlook? Big Questions: 10. A major theme in Morrie is “culture.”
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Unformatted text preview: What does Morrie think is wrong with American culture? How is Mitch’s life an illustration of Morrie’s point? What does Morrie suggest we do? How do you think “culture” can be made one’s one? 11. Another theme in Morrie is “love.” What does Morrie mean by love? How can love be enacted, according to Morrie, and why is it important? 12. Another theme in Morrie is “detachment.” From where does Morrie get the idea of detachment and what does it mean to him? How does Morrie detach himself from his situation? 13. Describe how Sherwin Nuland’s and Mitch Albom’s (or even Klinenburg and Marmot’s) approaches to Death and Dying are similar and different. Do you prefer one approach over another one? Why or why not?...
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