death and dying midterm examination review 2009

death and dying midterm examination review 2009 - LA...

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Death and Dying Midterm Examination Review The format of your exam may include multiple choice, short answer, or identification. The following prompts describe what I might or might not ask on the test. If you know the information described in the following prompts, you should do well. From our introductory philosophical readings about immortality, be able to describe and compare the major philosophical ideas from each assigned reading. What are the most widespread ideas that philosophers have used to describe the afterlife? From Nuland, know the medical pathology of all of the major causes of death discussed. What are the general theses/themes/opinions in Nuland? I won’t ask anything about statistics from Nuland because it’s dated, or about irrelevant character details, but anything else from the assigned passages in Nuland is game. From A Certain Kind of Death I may ask general questions about the municipal process in
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Unformatted text preview: LA County, but from the Klinenberg and Marmot pieces I may ask about the social conditions that contribute to the sort of dying portrayed in the documentary. Once again, I wont ask about statistics but you should be are of the sociological trends Klinenberg and Marmot are documenting. From the articles about capital punishment, know the general trends of the American capital punishment debate: factors shaping public opinion and its change over time, federal legal history, execution methods, etc. I wont ask statistical questions from the articles, but I may ask about trends and types of evidence from the articles. From Ghosts of Rwanda and the associated assigned readings I may ask historical or political science type questions about the structural causes (politics, society, economic) of genocidal crises from the assigned article or about cultural factors arising from the specific case of Rwanda as well....
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death and dying midterm examination review 2009 - LA...

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