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Ghosts of Rwanda Part 7 Ghosts of Rwanda Part 8 Ghosts of Rwanda Part 10 Ghosts of Rwanda Part 12 I have recommended these parts because they highlight the killings as well as the official political apathy of the rest of the world. The parts I did not select highlight the heroism of a U.N. peacekeeper who had helped people escape and was killed by a mortar shell, as well as the anger many American and European aid workers felt in the aftermath of the genocide. Study Questions: What happened in Rwanda politically to precipitate the genocide?
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Unformatted text preview: What was the historical/political background of the conflict, and who were the major factions? How was it carried out, and at what scale? What is genocide? What are the “definitional” disputes that US and UN officials were having concerning the lack of use of the term “genocide” in their public discourse regarding Rwanda that justified inactivity? From Harff and Gurr: What defines genocide, as opposed to politicide? How do they classify different sorts of genocides, what are the similarities and differences? How long does a conflict have to last for Harff and Gurr to have considered it a genocide in their study? From Browning: What are the political and psychological attitudes Browning thinks inspires genocidal killers? In what ways can you apply both readings to the documentary you have seen?...
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