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Visual Comm 1300 2-17-09 I. Subliminal a. Below the threshold of conscious perception i. Tachistoscopic – rapidly viewed b. A stimulus so subtle that the viewer is not aware of its existence or meaning, but may in some manner respond to it i. Ex. poster of “The silence of the lambs” c. a visible but hidden message (it’s clear, but hidden) i. Ex. Sex, Gore vs. Bush ad – “rats” d. Clearly visible messages unrelated to the main theme i. Product placement 1. Ex. Transformers II. Research on subliminal a. University College London study, 2007: study looked at whether an image you arent aware of but one that reaches the retina, has an impact
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Unformatted text preview: on brain activity in the primary visual cortex, part of the occipital lobe i. Found physiological evidence that invisible subliminal images do attract the brain’s attention on a subconscious level ii. Subjects’ brains DID respond to the object even when they were not conscious of having seen it iii. Study does not suggest or know if attention to subliminal image influences behavior, attitudes, or knowledge 1. Does the subliminal message transfer into consciousness?...
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