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Comm 1300 2-19-2009 I. Visuals mimic the real world a. Can we then communicate with other cultures visually? i. Messaris – anyone can understand a visual ii. Some believe that visuals are like language and culture bound 1. Visuals also have a cultural aspect, hard to communicate b. Potential problems i. Viewers might recognize contents of image, but does not understand the meaning 1. People of foreign cultures would not recognize the symbolism ii. Viewers could recognize/understand the culture implication, but not respond positively iii. Viewers might find image completely meaningless
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Nanook of the North, 1922: Eskimo family a. The images are not very meaningful because we are very separated from their culture c. Conclusion i. The issue isn’t the images, its culture 1. Problems come from the ignorance of the producer of the image 2. Visuals are culture based, but some images can reach across cultures, by conveyin basic human values a. Ex. children – always reach across cultures II. Stereotypes a. Do the media create stereotypes or reflect cultural stereotypes? i....
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