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Comm 1300 3-5-09 When is it acceptable to manipulate an image? Does it matter if we can or can’t tell the difference between indexical or iconic photographs? Can we create truth without using an indexical photograph? Can we manipulate an image, change it, and have it still tell the truth? Manipulation of images It’s acceptable to manipulate images when it’s obvious and when it’s expected What happens when we arrive at a point which we assume every image is manipulated? What if we look at every image and think it’s not true? It changes our perception of the
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Unformatted text preview: world There is no visual truth We can no longer experience the real world OR It doesnt matter Visual truth can be created Ex. The mythic camera of Frank Hurley He could not tell the story without making composts (WWI), he wants to tell the story, he felt it wouldnt do the soldiers justice if he didnt make the photos look like what he saw OR Trust is in the source (who is the source, do I trust the source?) If so, how do we judge? Is it plausible? Viewfinder test Covers have become art, not the truth, even on news magazines...
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