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Comm1300_4_02 - iii 1984 Mac ad iv Eisenstein(1925 workers...

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Comm 1300 4-2-09 I. Visual Juxtaposition a. Casuality i. Object or service is center of attention – no causality ii. Object juxtaposed with iii. Lifestyle, people, or images – casuality may be implied 1. Visual syntax suggests causality a. Ex. smoking Parliament results in i. Extradiegetic or diegetic ? 1. Diegetic – within the world 2. Extradiegetic – out of the world a. Product floating in ad b. Contrast i. Before-after ii. Product comparison
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Unformatted text preview: iii. 1984 Mac ad iv. Eisenstein (1925): workers on strike vs. factory owners v. Hitchcock in Vertigo: use contrast to show negation – car parked there before, and now it’s gone c. Analogy i. Juxtaposed image may have the power to affect viewers more strongly than a picture of the product ii. Acts as a partial substitute for adjectives and adverbs iii. Analogies to lions or other things...
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