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Visual comm 1300 4-7-09 I. Documentary film a. Suggests that it shows reality and truth b. Filmmaker chooses which subjects, scenes are shot together c. Mediated reality: function as a go-between between reality and viewer d. Even if two filmmaker make documentaries on the same subjects, they will be different e. A documentary is never an objective, indisputable truth, there are decisions made all the way through f. Filmmakers must select some subjects, ignore others, select time of year, time of day to film, the camera location, distance from the subject, what to include in the shots
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Unformatted text preview: II. Issues (purpose, structure, truth-telling) a. Purpose i. Inform: primary purpose 1. There is a script, reinforced by video (see the narrator) 2. Or there is no narrator 3. Could be more/less entertaining ii. Criticize : start with a premise that something is wrong, that needs to be changed 1. Michael Moore, Roger and me : narrative story telling (type of structure), get us involved (entertainment value) by telling us his childhood and how he grew up 2. Al Gore’s inconvenient truth: also narrative telling, but huge emphasis on information...
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