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Comm 1300 Serena Chiang Exercise #2 Feb. 19, 2009 Morris Xu Section 204 Exercise #2 The most distinct similarity between these two ads is that they are both selling the same product: vodka. In fact, their methods of attracting attention are similar as well; with the use of violation of reality, direct eye gaze, and visual metaphor. However, the difference in approach, one being utopian and the other being futuristic, causes one ad to be more successful than the other in attracting attention. In the utopian ad that is featuring a pregnant man with his slim, happy wife, nothing is extraordinary except the idea that the man and woman have switched roles in child bearing. In Messaris’s Visual Persuasion , he describes this method of attracting attention as a violation of reality. Specifically, violating reality means “ slight deviations from familiar objects, [they] are the most arresting forms of visual distortion…[and] can cause us to pay closer attention” (Messaris, 1997, pp. 7, 17). The man in the ad looks no different than any man in reality, from the way he dresses to his complexion. The only “slight deviation” is his extremely protruding stomach, or pregnancy. On the other hand, in the futuristic ad, the deviation from reality is the humanoid itself. Similar to the Duracell-powered humanoid robot in Visual Persuasion , it is a “creature that seems not- quite-human and yet not really anything else…[and] can keep a viewer’s eyes glued”
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Comm1300_exercise_2a - Comm 1300 Exercise #2 Morris Xu...

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