Sociology ch6

Sociology ch6 - Sociology ch6 12:02:00 ← Social...

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Unformatted text preview: Sociology ch6 24/03/2008 12:02:00 ← Social stratification and social inequality ← Social stratification- one part of a society is going to have a disproportionate share of something of value. • Individuals have more power • There is a disproportionate • Four principles o Characteristic of society and not the individuals o Persist over generations is an ascribed status o universal concept but many vary, every society is going to have stratification o not just inequality it is a belief ideology • 3 dimensions o economics income or wealth who has the most money o political influence which individuals have power over others o social prestige our status my come from occupation all of these seem to work together if one goes up the other one does o socioeconomic status dynamic of social prestige and political power ← types of stratified societies • caste system – closed system o your ascribed your social class o movement from one social class to another is almost impossible o reflective of pre industrial societies o India would be an example of this about 30 years ago o Linked to occupation o Endogamous society can not marry outside your caste • Class systems- open systems o Allows for social mobility o Based on merits system based on our own achievements o Intergenerational grow through out your family through the generations mobility o Intragenerational in your own life time • Estate system o Combo of both systems o Product of abrarian societies o A little easier to move into classes than caste Nobility have most power and have the most land this is important to...
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Sociology ch6 - Sociology ch6 12:02:00 ← Social...

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