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German 119A: German Play Production—Act I: Introduction to German Drama Guidelines for Response Papers These should be typed response 2 ½ - 3 pages, either in German or English. Title: Formulate a somewhat informative title. In der Kürze liegt die Würze! Keep it succinct. As this is a short analysis, your thesis statement should be contained within the first (short) paragraph. Stick to the argument! Keep your thesis in view throughout. Do not repeat the thesis statement in the conclusion. Stick to the text! Start preferably with something like “In (the first scene of) Kleist’s Der zerbrochene Krug, rather than “I think/believe . . .”/ In der ersten Szene/im ersten Auftritt von Kleists . . . Stick to your point! Avoid unnecessarily lengthy or inflated claims that do not support your argument(s). Avoid generalizations or large claims (“Ferdinand is a great man”); be specific ! Organization: make sure paragraphs contain one topic idea, and pay attention to transitions between
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