Lab Three_EE150_protonbeam

Lab Three_EE150_protonbeam - Last Revised: 9/29/2008 1 EE...

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Unformatted text preview: Last Revised: 9/29/2008 1 EE 150 Lab 3 – Beam Me Up 1 Introduction In this lab you will write a program to simulate operation of a filter to generate a proton beam that could be used for applications like proton therapy. You will need to find the necessary operational parameters (i.e. the necessary strength of the electric field) that will filter out undesired particles leaving only the desired proton particles moving in a particular direction. 2 What you will learn This lab exercise will deepen your Matlab® programming skills as well as teaching you how to perform numerical integration as well as some of its pitfalls. 3 Background Information and Notes In this lab you will be simulating an electromagnetic field designed to filter particles of certain mass (in this case protons for proton beam therapy). The particle motion equations were derived in the supplemental reading provided in class. We assume a particle enters with some velocity, v , in the x-direction only. Then an electric field downwards and a magnetic field into the paper are generated to only allow protons to pass through in a straight horizontal line. All particles of greater mass will be deflected and thus blocked. For this lab we will fix v = 6000 m/s and B = 0.5 T. Your job is to find the value of the electric field that will cause protons to travel without deflection. Examples of varying the electric field strength are shown in Figure 1. B 1 E v B 1 E v Figure 1 - Particle deflection for a correct value of E (protons travel in straight, horizontal line) and for an incorrect value of E (particles take non-straight line path)....
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Lab Three_EE150_protonbeam - Last Revised: 9/29/2008 1 EE...

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