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matlab overview Jan 14 - MATLAB Overview I 1. 2. 3. 4....

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MATLAB Overview I 1. Vector Operation 2. Matrix Operation 3. Array Construction 4. Array Addressing MATLAB Æ MAT rix LAB oratory MATLAB Overview II 1. M-Files 2. Flow-Control (for loops, while loops, if- else-end) 3. 2-D Plotting 4. Debugging 5. Practice problems Demonstrations on MATLAB Two Types of M-Files ± Files containing code with MATLAB commands or statements – M-File < NOTE > M-Files MUST be saved with the extension ' . m ' Two types of M-Files: ± Script M-File ± Function M-File Script M-Files ± Execute script files by calling the filename in command window ± All variables generated by script files are stored in workspace % script file example 1 script1.m clear a = [1 2; 3 4]; % create matrix a b = ones(2,2); % create matrix b y = a.*b % find element by element product of a and b
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Function M-Files ± Begins with a function definition line , which includes a well defined list of inputs and outputs. % the first line of code function [output variables] = function_name (input variables); 1. First word ‘function’ must be typed in lower case ± Without this line, the file becomes a script M-file . Function M-Files function [y] = myfun(x) % myfun.m : a very simple example of function m-file. a = 2; b = 3;
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matlab overview Jan 14 - MATLAB Overview I 1. 2. 3. 4....

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