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Is there a history to human violence? Mass – both altruistic and violent actions Groups proper – informal gatherings Formalized groups – families Institutions (state) , entities State – inhibitor/perpetrator Violence Physical violence Violence <--> Force (lingusitic aspect) History Is it something that changes or is constant? With appearance of communal organization politics, mass violence 1) Damiens – tried to kill Louis XV 2) Invention of Guillotine Premodern – ancient, medieval Categories of their perceptions Expectations/horizons Karl Polyani – motivators – social, religious (not economic) – trading Institutions are weak – the state cannot do what it wants
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Unformatted text preview: Modern state wants to reshape the human being Modern state has much greater ambitions Premodern cultures are not interested in radical transformations or revolutions Social agents – they are not acting but God acts through them 17th and 18th cent. emergence of strong states Authority, not Truth, makes the law – state and church should be seperated All male citizens are participants of politics Bio-power – transformation of the human being – eugenics Apperance of race and racism Romans –ethnicists Christians – religious...
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