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Is there a history to human violence? Mass – both altruistic and violent actions Groups proper – informal gatherings Formalized groups – families Institutions (state) , entities State – inhibitor/perpetrator Violence Physical violence Violence <--> Force (lingusitic aspect) History Is it something that changes or is constant? With appearance of communal organization politics, mass violence 1) Damiens – tried to kill Louis XV 2) Invention of Guillotine Premodern – ancient, medieval Categories of their perceptions Expectations/horizons Karl Polyani – motivators – social, religious (not economic) – trading Institutions are weak – the state cannot do what it wants
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Unformatted text preview: Modern state wants to reshape the human being Modern state has much greater ambitions Premodern cultures are not interested in radical transformations or revolutions Social agents they are not acting but God acts through them 17th and 18th cent. emergence of strong states Authority, not Truth, makes the law state and church should be seperated All male citizens are participants of politics Bio-power transformation of the human being eugenics Apperance of race and racism Romans ethnicists Christians religious...
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