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Religion, persecution, violence – preceeding Constantine (Tetrarchy) Persecuted sect favored religion Tetrarchy – successful attempt coping with a huge crisis (I century) – epidemics, military pressure (Persia,barbarians), political instability Totalitarian ambitions (last two decades) 303 – The Great Persecution – destroy buildings, scriptures burnt, cease wealth Tetrarchy - retires, Great Persecution fails – too many Christians Constantine’s vision –> converts to Christianity Church is favored and tolerated Street battles between different sects of Christianity Divided faith Constantine wants uniformity Disease (ideological etc.) – Constantine – highest doctor of the empire Right of intervention – protect Christians outside the empire Last two decades of 4th centurty – violence against pagans is OK Callinicum -
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Unformatted text preview: 381 – burn down synagogue, emperor tamed by the bishop 391 – no sacrificing in temples, divine law, Alexandria violence erupts – bishop confiscates pagan property, pagan temples destroyed Traditores – handed over the scriptures Martyrs of Abitina – refused to submit to the persecutions, thrown in jail, no sympathy from the local clergy Dichotomous vision – look the other side as the false church, doesn’t like diversity, instruments of the devil Two churches – Donati and Caeciliani (favored by the emperor) The donatist circucellions – “soldiers of God” – beat false Christians Augustine of Hippo Pessimistic vision of the human being Original sin has blinded human reason Force Donatists into the catholic church Violence for the good of the church ( bring the heretics back to truth)...
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