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IHUM Lecture 5 - Movement of reform – clergy should be...

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Lecture 5 Early middle ages Capital to Costantinopole Sub-Roman kingdoms – kings barbarian generals Root of kingdoms – barbarian armies in service of Rome Kings become Catholic Loyalties are intensely personal Emotional, vendetta, love based on war Barbarian kingdoms – microchristanities – want to become the new Isreal Old Testament foreshadows of the new Christian kingdom Rivalry among the kings 800 Charlemagne
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Unformatted text preview: Movement of reform – clergy should be independent from laity, purity from money/sex War against muslims/war against “bad” christians – conjuction of civil and foreign war Erecting monasteries – able to come in contact with the other world, relics and God, pure, abstain from sex/money, humble Pilgrimages to Jerusalem Vengeful saints Last battle before the coming of the christ...
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