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Muslims – spain, holy land Slavic pagans– northern Europe Pope Innocent III – crusade against a christian king Against northern French – Albigensians Jews – victims of the crusaders – not to be killed before the end of time Children’s and shepherd’s (turns violent – burning synagogues, castles etc). Crusades Etic – our exteral value system – not trying to put ourselves in their place – looking from the outside Reductionist – simplifies, economic argument, latin west was poor, muslim east was rich, importance of booty When a society is in crisis – society creates a religious reaction (fantasies) Money is starting to take over – commercial revolution – pressure on the social system, the crusades are a way of scapegoating the situation and relieving the pressure on the society, safety-valve for the anxities that the socia disruption is creating, getting rid of the insiders who are not us, reaction aims at purification and is highly
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Unformatted text preview: emotional Against: Southern/Northern france not profiting It might be that the crusaders go for Jerusalem because they hope for a heightened status Social groups are different: warriors, priesthood (monopolizes the sacraments, bring down god’s gifts), monks 11th century – groups that have different access to dignity and contribute differently to the society 1st crusade offer the crusaders – warriors get the purity of the monks through shedding blood, still going to be knights Emic – within the society Purification of Christiandom from the inside – the pope wants to get rid of heretics – civil war The Peace movement – mobilizes good knights against bad knights and bad clergy, local military alliences, prelude to the first crusade Monasteries and churches – their land is sacred like the body of Virgin Mary, taking the land – raping of Virgin Mary, holy land has been raped by the muslims, knights going to purify the land...
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