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Muslims – spain, holy land Slavic pagans– northern Europe Pope Innocent III – crusade against a christian king Against northern French – Albigensians Jews – victims of the crusaders – not to be killed before the end of time Children’s and shepherd’s (turns violent – burning synagogues, castles etc). Crusades Etic – our exteral value system – not trying to put ourselves in their place – looking from the outside Reductionist – simplifies, economic argument, latin west was poor, muslim east was rich, importance of booty When a society is in crisis – society creates a religious reaction (fantasies) Money is starting to take over – commercial revolution – pressure on the social system, the crusades are a way of scapegoating the situation and relieving the pressure on the society, safety-valve for the anxities that the socia disruption is creating, getting rid of the insiders who are not us, reaction aims at purification and is highly
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Unformatted text preview: emotional Against: Southern/Northern france not profiting It might be that the crusaders go for Jerusalem because they hope for a heightened status Social groups are different: warriors, priesthood (monopolizes the sacraments, bring down gods gifts), monks 11th century groups that have different access to dignity and contribute differently to the society 1st crusade offer the crusaders warriors get the purity of the monks through shedding blood, still going to be knights Emic within the society Purification of Christiandom from the inside the pope wants to get rid of heretics civil war The Peace movement mobilizes good knights against bad knights and bad clergy, local military alliences, prelude to the first crusade Monasteries and churches their land is sacred like the body of Virgin Mary, taking the land raping of Virgin Mary, holy land has been raped by the muslims, knights going to purify the land...
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