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IHUM Lecture 7 - In between there is House of Truth –...

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IHUM Lecture 7 Factors that influence Jihad, what enables it Ideology expresses itself in different ways, depending on the circumstances Islam believes in the end of the world, single creator, no images (like Judaism), ascetic practices Think that the other scriptures are flawed Islam – servitude to God, obeying God Christians are allowed to maintain their religion, but have to pay a tax Submission to Islam, still the People of the Book No plurality in religion for Christianity Two zones: House of War(no lasting truce, war is ever-lasting), House of Islam
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Unformatted text preview: In between there is House of Truth – nations with which you can strike deals, cannot be at war all the time People of the Book – boundary can be transgressed Only leader of the Islamic faith can declare Jihad Little states declare war by themselves Takes a while to organize a religiously motivated war Deep divisions among the muslims Christian: war against the Devil, war against pagans Greater Jihad – spiritual Jihad...
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