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IHUM Lecture 9

IHUM Lecture 9 - tyrant Talk about theology Theology of 13...

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Crusades now about peace How crusades became incorporated within in the medieval culture? Thrill about violence 1200s – two new orders to fight against the heretics – Dominicans and Franciscans – very devoted – under Innocent III start investing into education Model sermons – translations done in native language Convince people to give money to the church, also preaching to recruit people to go on crusades Target different audiences Public emote in the same direction Provocation of collective anger – sexual shame of women – to start war against a
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Unformatted text preview: tyrant Talk about theology Theology of 13 th century – theology of pain and suffering, love for the Christ Image of the Christ as a king to Christ suffering Franciscan and Dominican – pain Louis – devoted to Christ, feel in his body the pain of Christ Female mystics – absolutely devoted to Christ, inflict pain on themselves Love poetry – 12 th century romanticism Music/melodies power vectors for culture Love/politics...
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