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Modern era Nationalism – nation state – culprit of mass violence Supranational empires – German, Japanese Supra class empires – Communist Paramilitary – Africa Democracies less likely to inflict violence on each other, on their own population Violence on the others Sweden – sterilization Is there a modern perpetrator? Rwanda – primitive violence Organization – something new? Total War – no boundaries, killing is impersonal Concentration camps Aerial bombings Why societies that are committed to extermination use distant sites? National, socialist…
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Unformatted text preview: Territory and utopia? Secular utopias – take themselves as political progress Creating a perfect world within our lifetime New state – uninhibited, seek perfection French revolution – only political revolution, stopped half way, did not include all fields of life Modern state – capacity to know and analyze itself in a more effective way New pools of information – passports, IDs etc. Religion of the future – eugenics – perfect order in the relations of the people Colonial concepts implemented by Nazis and the Communists...
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