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Modern era Nationalism – nation state – culprit of mass violence Supranational empires – German, Japanese Supra class empires – Communist Paramilitary – Africa Democracies less likely to inflict violence on each other, on their own population Violence on the others Sweden – sterilization Is there a modern perpetrator? Rwanda – primitive violence Organization – something new? Total War – no boundaries, killing is impersonal Concentration camps Aerial bombings Why societies that are committed to extermination use distant sites? National, socialist…
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Unformatted text preview: Territory and utopia? Secular utopias take themselves as political progress Creating a perfect world within our lifetime New state uninhibited, seek perfection French revolution only political revolution, stopped half way, did not include all fields of life Modern state capacity to know and analyze itself in a more effective way New pools of information passports, IDs etc. Religion of the future eugenics perfect order in the relations of the people Colonial concepts implemented by Nazis and the Communists...
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