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IHUM Modern 4 - Everyone obsessed with their standing...

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Unprecedented clash between the world powers The most advanced technological achievements Tragedy of unprecedented magnitude Cultural products The era of classical liberalism will be over after this Marks the beginning of the road to the II WW An unnecessary war Was it inevitable? Major irony and dichotomy Unprecedented co-operation, prosperity, technological advances International Telegraph Union Uniformity of the railway system Sense of unity contrasted by disarray at the political platform Arms race between Germans Military technology is in the new era The beginning of the machine guns, Divorce between civil and military Unrealistic goals The assassination of Habsburg Web of secret alliances and military planning Snowball gathering momentum Germany obliged to come to Austria’s aid Domestic division – right and left Rise of socialism in Germany, France and Russia Foreign offensive to unify nation Britain guarantees the neutrality of Belgium
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Unformatted text preview: Everyone obsessed with their standing Social revival – shed off the hedonism Intellectuals are rooting for war Trench war-fare Rise of the modern state – mobilizing activity Nationalization of the economy Surveillance of the society States are adjusting themselves and adopting to the total war Why did Germany lose? Best army, technological superiority, economy Britain – better equipped for a world war, borrowing money, economy Germany – losing public opinion Germany was not prepared for a world war but a continental war Blurring of the battlefront and the home front German conduct in Belgium – 100,000 on trial, 6,500 executed, done to a member of the European club Using human shields – civilians, scars of guerilla warfare in the French-Prussian war, must eliminate the enemy as fast as possible – extermination, frustration among the troops Russians deport their enemies on the eastern front...
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