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BIO 320 - BIO 320 - CELL BIOLOGY T....

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BIO 320 - CELL BIOLOGY Lecture 6 (02/05/2009). Coated Vesicles, Rabs and Snares Reading: new edition:Alberts, 5th Ed, 749-766 old edition:Alberts, 4th Ed. Pages 711-726 PLUS: Strategies Used to Study the Molecular Mechanisms, pg 752-753 Objectives • Describe the role of the various types of coated- and non-coated-vesicles in membrane trafficking. Identify and understand the roles of proteins that function in vesicle budding and fusion. (COPI, COPII, t-SNARE, v-SNARE, rabs) • Explain the signals used to target proteins to their appropriate cellular location. • Describe the steps involved in the process of exocytosis and its triggers. O UTLINE OF I MPORTANT P OINTS : The Types of Vesicle Transport and Their Function I. Materials carried between membrane compartments by membrane-bound vesicles (50-75 nm dia) A. Most budding vesicles covered on cytosolic surface by fuzzy electron-dense layer (protein coats) 1. Form from soluble proteins that reside in the cytosol; assemble on donor membrane cytosolic surface at budding site 2. Coated buds pinch off to form coated vesicles B. Protein coats have at least two functions 2. Provide mechanism for selecting membrane components (& thus soluble cargo) to be carried by vesicle) II. Several distinct classes of coated vesicles identified - distinguished by proteins that make up coat, appearance in EM, & role in cell trafficking; three are best studied A. COPII-coated vesicles - move materials from ER to Golgi (COP is acronym for co at p roteins). Moves vesicles in the anterograde direction (forward in the secretory pathway)
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BIO 320 - BIO 320 - CELL BIOLOGY T....

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