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BIO 320 Lecture20_2009slides - 1 BIO320 Lecture 20 Mitosis...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 BIO320 - Lecture 20 Mitosis 04/09/2009 Alberts 17-4 The Cell Cycle is controlled by CDK kinases OLD Alberts 17-16 CDKs associate with regulatory subunits called Cyclins CDK/Cyclin pairs trigger the events of each cell cycle phase. The Phases of Mitosis See Panel 17-1 The Nuclear Envelope is Dismantled at the end of Prophase and Reformed during Telophase Alberts 12-20 M-Cdk Lamins are intermediate Flament proteins The centrioles of centrosomes duplicate during S-phase Centriole duplication is semiconservative See Alberts 17-29 & 17-31 The centrosome splits in prophase and begins to form the spindle Karp 14-18 2 Dynamic Instability is Enhanced in Mitosis Alberts 17-33 Structure of the Mitotic Spindle Alberts 17-28 OLD Alberts 18-14 Formation of the Spindle Many Microtubule Motor Proteins work on the Spindle chromokinesin KRP KRP Alberts 17-30 KRP Alberts 17-34 Spindles can self-organize without centrosomes KRP KRP Alberts 17-41 Microtubule Treadmilling in the Spindle Fluorescence-Speckle Microscopy Spindle and Kinetochore MTs are NOT capped at their minus ends.NOT capped at their minus ends....
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BIO 320 Lecture20_2009slides - 1 BIO320 Lecture 20 Mitosis...

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