Chapter1 Epidemiology 37707

Chapter1 epidemiology 37707

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 Chapter 1 The History and Scope of Epidemiology Objectives Objectives Define epidemiology Explain the role of epidemiology in public health practice and individual decision making Define epidemic, endemic, and pandemic Understand basic vocabulary used in epidemiology Epidemiology Defined Epidemiology Defined Epidemiology derives from "epidemic," a term which provides an immediate clue to its subject matter. Epidemiology originates from the Greek words, epi (upon) + demos (people) + logy (study of). Definition of Epidemiology Definition of Epidemiology Epidemiology is concerned with the distribution and determinants of health and diseases, morbidity, injuries, disability, and mortality in populations. Key Aspects of This Definition Key Aspects of This Definition Determinants Distribution Population Health phenomena Morbidity and mortality Determinants Determinants Factors or events that are capable of bringing about a change in health. Examples of Determinants Examples of Determinants Biologic agents—bacteria Chemical agents­­carcinogens Less specific factors­­stress, drinking, sedentary lifestyle...
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