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Chapter1 Epidemiology 37707

Microorganism must be isolated and grown in pure

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Unformatted text preview: rary Natural Contemporary Natural Experiments Currently, natural experiments may be the result of legislation, policy changes or environmental interventions. Seat Belt Law­­Did seat belt use reduce fatalities from motor vehicle accidents? Tobacco Tax­­Did the increase in cigarette price decrease the sale of cigarettes? Helmet Law­­Did requiring the use of helmets by motorcyclists reduce the number of head injuries sustained? Examples of Contemporary Examples of Contemporary Natural Experiments William Farr William Farr Appointed compiler of abstracts in England, 1839. Provided foundation for classification of diseases (ICD system). Examined linkage between mortality rates and population density. Koch's Postulates Koch's Postulates x  Ž  Microorganism must be observed in every case of the disease. Microorganism must be isolated and grown in pure culture. Pure culture must, when inoculated into a susceptible animal, reproduce the disease. Microorganism must be observed in, and recovered from, diseased animal. Other Historical Developments Other Historical Developments Alexander Langmuir established CDC’s Epidemiologic Intelligence Service. Wade Hampton Frost was the first professor of epidemiology in the U.S. Joseph Goldberger discovered the cure for pellagra. Framingham Heart Study (since 1949) investigate...
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