Chapter1 Epidemiology 37707

Quantification quantification is a central activity

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Unformatted text preview: tistics, Demography, Sociology, Behavioral Science Methods and procedures­­quantification Use of special vocabulary Epidemic frequency of disease Epidemiology Is Interdisciplinary Epidemiology Is Interdisciplinary Epidemiology is an interdisciplinary field that draws from biostatistics and the social and behavioral sciences, as well as from the medically related fields of toxicology, pathology, virology, genetics, microbiology, and clinical medicine. Quantification Quantification Quantification is a central activity of epidemiology. Epidemiologic measures often require counting the number of cases of disease. Disease distributions are examined according to demographic variables such as age, sex, and race. Analysis of source variation by time, place and person Epidemic Epidemic “The occurrence in a community or region of cases of an illness (or an outbreak) clearly in excess of expectancy…” Relative to usual frequency of the disease in a particular population. Infectious Disease Epidemics...
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