Chapter1 Epidemiology 37707

S adults brfss 1991 1996 2003 bmi 30 or about 30 lbs

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Unformatted text preview: Infectious Disease Epidemics Examples A single case of a long absent communicable disease. First invasion of a communicable disease. Two cases of such a disease associated in time and place may be sufficient evidence of transmission to be considered an epidemic. Some examples that use the concept of an epidemic are: Love Canal Brown lung disease Asbestosis among shipyard workers Diseases associated with lifestyle Concept of Epidemic but Concept of Epidemic but Non­Infectious Diseases Obesity Trends* Among U.S. Adults BRFSS, 1991, 1996, 2003 (*BMI ≥ 30, or about 30 lbs overweight for 5’4” person) 1996 1991 2003 No Data <10% 10%–14% 15%–19% 20%–24% ≥25% Pandemic Pandemic “ . . . an epidemic on a worldwide scale; during a pandemic, large numbers of persons may be affected and a disease may cross international borders.” A common example is a flu pandemic. Ascertainment of Epidemics Ascertainment of Epidemics Surveillance Epidemic threshold Surveillance Surveillance The systematic collection...
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