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Snow noted that during the next cholera outbreak

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Unformatted text preview: irths and deaths. Showed excess male over female differences in mortality. Known as the “Columbus” of biostatistics. Use of Natural Experiments Use of Natural Experiments John Snow was an English physician and anesthesiologist. He investigated a cholera outbreak that occurred during the mid­19th century in Broad Street, Golden Square, London. Snow’s Contributions Snow’s Contributions Linked the cholera epidemic to contaminated water supplies. Used a spot map of cases and tabulation of fatal attacks and deaths. Snow’s Natural Experiment Snow’s Natural Experiment Two different water companies supplied water from the Thames River to houses in the same area. The Lambeth Company moved its source of water to a less polluted portion of the river. Snow noted that during the next cholera outbreak those served by the Lambeth Company had fewer cases of cholera. Natural Experiment Natural Experiment Definition: The epidemiologist does not manipulate a risk factor but rather observes the changes in an outcome as the result of a naturally occurring situation. Contempo...
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